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Bio Excel has Grown !

Beginning April 20th, 2015, Bio Excel will be providing the world's finest essential oils in quantities of 8 oz. and larger.  A huge selection is available and I will post the list very soon.  I, Anne Vermilye will be available for consultation with your Aromatherapy desires.

Bio Excel has teamed up with Urban Therapeutic, located in Eugene Oregon, and this beautiful store will be providing the same Fabulous Formulas that so many people have come to Love.  Urban Therapeutic is, Now, offering the world's finest essential oils!

Urban Therapeutic offers so much more than I could have: massage therapists supplies, healing arts supplies, and many self care tools and comfort-support items.  I feel thoroughly Blessed that my formulas have found the most loving home imaginable!
Please visit their website at will be happy that you did and thrilled that more fantastic items are available!

The big change is due to Anne taking the year away, on her spiritual retreat!
I am fulfilled beyond imagination by serving the precious people and hearing the feedback from them.  Bio Excel has given more than I dreamed; so many people have benefited, in a myriad of ways, from the items I have offered-a few lives have even been saved!  I Thank-You, All, for your testimonials-My True Payment-and the Loving Support of more people than I can begin to list!
I know that I am one of the Most Blessed Woman that Ever Lived because of You!!!!!

Thank-You with All of My Heart!!!
I look forward to providing bulk essential oils and precious care for those who wish it!!!!

  Feel Your Best Naturally
with Essential Plant Oils!

See Jocelyn, to keep getting Great Massages:

Helping " Us " flourish with Earth's Pharmacy since 1992 and Love each moment!

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